Big Apple Express Spa

I love massage so everytime there’s an opportunity to try other spa in the Metro, I’m always up for it!
Before heading to work, me and my colleague decided to try Big Apple at Eastwood City where our work is located.  I already made a reservation a day before, I already made reservation so that just in case it’s fully booked, we can easily be accommodated.  The receptionist named Rochelle is nice and pleasant. She immediately told me as soon as I arrived that she will tell the masseuse to prepare the room for us. I ask for a separate room.
We opted to try the Manhattan Full Body Massage. It’s a combination of stretching, pinching and carressing of the entire body.  My masseuse is Daisy. She seems to know what she is doing. I ask a couple of questions about the massage she would be doing to me as well as the other services they offered to their customers, and she confidently answer my questions with ease.
The session has begun, I lay down, face inside the hole of the bed. She started on my legs, then back. I told her I want it moderate, not too not hard. She did some stretching on my legs, then slightly in my back as she pull my hands from the back. After about 30 minutes, she told me face her and lay on my back. I told her I dont want facial massage, as well as on my chest and stomach. She massage my arms and my head, then on my legs afterward. A couple of stretching and then she told me to sit while she would pull me until I reach my toes. She also ask me to do indian seat as she will do some stretching. After almost 1 hour of relaxation, the session has ended. I asked for a warm towel to remove oil from my body. My overall experience with Big Apple is quite ok. For 299 fee, it’s quite affordable for a regular massage. On my next visit, I would like to try their Balinese Massage. ~~09.06.12/Eastwood City


Here comes the Flood again!

Another calamity hits Manila after typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Weird thing about this, since it’s not a typhoon, it doesn’t have a name. I wonder how we end up calling it?

Since last month, our country was hit by storms. It’s a normal thing here in our country especially during this time of the year. But for the past few days, rain keeps pouring in non-stop within the Metro and nearby provinces. Weather reports says rain is not cause by any storm but due to low pressure area.  Most Filipinos were caught by surprise on the tremendous flood it brought within the Metro. There are certain point that according to the news almost 80% of Metro Manila were flooded.  As of this writing, floods have not subsided yet on some areas, rain keeps pouring in, there’s scarcity of supply of food, classes are still suspended and so on and so forth… it seems that Luzon is paralyzed again! Sadly, this is not the first time that we experience flood and yet it seems that Filipinos are not yet prepared on this kind of calamity. For each Filipinos, I guess the only contribution we can make in the society is take care of our Mother Nature for a better community. ~~~08.06.12 – ?? / Metro Manila


p.s. it’s still raining hard, i can hear it from my room… but I know…in the end…. that there’s sunshine after the rain!


The Fantastic Four


Rafael Nadal,  Pete Sampras,  Andre Agassi,  Roger Federer


I’m a big fan of tennis, no doubt about it. I may not be able to watch the game on television due to time difference between Manila and other countries but still, I make it a point to be updated on news especially on the four Grand Slam each year.

One of my dream is to watch the 4 Grand Slam, 25% of that dream was already fulfilled when I watched Australian Open before in Melbourne. But I guess the remaining 75% will still remain as a dream.  For the meantime, I just enjoy myself watching tennis matches being shown on television. ~~~07.25.12 / Random

Surf up Baler

This trip is just a spur of a moment. I wanted to travel on 11-11-11 but since I don’t have any available leave credits at work, I can only do out-of-town trip close to Manila during my days off. Me and my colleague decided to head to Baler, Aurora for an overnight trip doing sightseeing and of course,, surfing!

———- u-n-d-e-r-c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n ————-


Story Telling and Book Drive with U! Happy Events

I’m getting invite to join the activity with U! Happy Events, finally my schedule is free and was able to join their book reading activity at Victory Christian Fellowship also in cooperation with Real Life Foundation. This is a big group since it’s joined by different organization. Me and my office mate Rose decided volunteer with U!. Everyone is encouraged to come with costume of any character but since we came all the way from work, we just decided to bring a hat which we can use during the event. We arrived at VCF before 9am for registration. We we’re given number to be paired with sponsor kids and will act as ate and kuya to them. My sponsor kid is Azzel, she’s an 11 yr old girl from Pasig. We walk the kids on the other room for feeding program. After feeding them, they were ask to pick a book on the mini library that they want. Of course, everyone’s is very eager to get one but the Ates and Kuyas was able to manage the kids and make it a point that each kid will bring home 1 book to read. We transfer next to the different room for the actual program itself. It was led by Harvard Uy, head of U! There were song and dance presentation, story telling, games, puppet show and magic show. At some point, the kids became uncontrollable and we really can’t blame them because they are really having fun. It was a 3-hour of fun and laughter with the kids a and adults alike ending the program with free shots at photo booth. ~~~11.05.12 / Pasig City

El Nido peeps goes to Misibis!

Finally, the long wait is over! Me and my El Nido friends were excited for this trip not only we were getting huge discount on staying in Misibis Bay but this is some sort of a reunion with ex-El Nido employees since some of them are now part of the management team of Misibis Bay Resort

———- u-n-d-e-r-c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n ————-

~~09.22-25.11/Albay, Bicol

Aquanaut Diving in Manila Ocean Park

My El Nido Friends decided to meet up to finally discuss our upcoming trip to Misibis Bay. It’s less than a month and we have yet to book our flights and no definite dates yet! It’s hard to set a specific date due to conflict of our work schedules and to top it off, we have 2 kids joining us so we have to consider also their school schedule. We meet up, as always, in Manila Ocean Park. It’s becoming our meeting place since Lesley’s been working there for 2 years now. Since Friday is my day off, I went straight to MOP while Buboy and Jona followed since both of them are working on ortigas area. We ate at Dencio’s grill while discussing our trip to Legazpi. Obviously, our accommodation would be in Misibis Bay since Ian, Arlie and Rex are working there and would give us friendly huge discount!. Our main concern is our travel date and of course hopefully we could spot a cheap fare to Legazpi. After our sumptous treat by Buboy and it’s to early to go home, Lesley showed us around. She never failed to treat us whenever there’s a new attraction in their park so we’re very excited to try Aquanaut especially if it’s for free! Aquanaut is basically new in Manila Ocean Park. It costs Php900 for 10 minutes only. We were lucky enough to avail it for free and stay inside the aquarium for almost 30mins. We even had our photos saved on Usb, we’re so spoiled! There’s also a Musical Fountain show but we just decided not to see it anymore. ~~~ 08.12.11 / Manila Ocean Park, Manila