Gift-Giving in Concordia Children’s Services

Since PVG is basically new and we were time constrained to organize another activity in December because we all know that it’s a very busy month and most of us already had commitments ahead of time. Karla B posted an invite on our FB Page for those who are free to join another group who will facilitate a gift-giving program in Concordia Children’s Services. It is an orphanage providing temporary shelter to abandoned kids. Luckily, I am free on December 28, so I join the activity. We were only 4 in our group who join this event. Ria is the coordinator of this activity, her group is doing this since during their college days. We were humbled enough that we accomodate our group to join them. The activity is super fun, kids are so lively and game on joining the contests. We would hear shouts, cheers from each kid. Food and gifts are overflowing on that day and we could really feel the spirit of Christmas. ¬†~~~12.08.10 / Sta Mesa, Manila



A time for the Elders at Little Sister of the Poor

The first activity of PVG is in Little Sisters of the Poor located in Pasay City. It’s a shelter for elderly people either who don’t have a family or abandoned by their family. Since we don’t have fund to sustain this activity, each of us decided to contribute on food and drinks, prizes, gifts. I am in charge for the prizes for games. Our schedule to go there is at 2pm. We meet up in Saver More in Pasay for last minute groceries at around 1:30pm. Others walk to the site, while others who were carrying stuff decided to take a tricycle. When we arrived at the place, we were surprised because the place is so nice. Security are strict. We found out that Little Sisters are run by French Nun. The place is quiet and solemn, We arrive at the lobby and was advise to wait in the corner until the Head Nun came out. We spot elders sitting inside, others are walking and others are looking at us excited to see visitors. While waiting on with Sister, we decided to put on our name tags so by the time we started our program, we can easily be indentified by the elders. After we registered ourselves in the lobby, we were guided to go to their receiving area, where they held their volunteer program. There were about 20 tables, with accesories like component, microphone, television for the program. While we were preparing the food, elders came in one by one. We started the program, me and Bryan being the emcee. We facilitate different kind of games for the elders, some are very proactive to join while the others are a bit shy. Some elders volunteer themselves to sing and dance to entertain everyone. After the program, we serve the food we brought with them and do gift-giving to end the program. I would say that our first activity is a success and we’re all looking for more activities in the future.

Here are some of the snapshots of our first outreach program! ūüôā

Pinoy Volunteer Group

November 2010 is the birth of¬†Pinoy Volunteer Group¬†(PVG). All unknown individuals decided to create a volunteer group. Ours was conceptualize inside¬†Pinoy Exchange Forum¬†and decided to meet up for the first time to have our own outreach program. We are not affiliated with any non-government agencies and we are all strangers tobeach other when we started to form this group. Karla B initiated to create a Facebook page so we can invite also non-Pexers. About 20++ forumers show their interest in the group but come meet up time in Megamall, only 8 showed up. But who really cares if we’re only 8. We just decided to push it through and besides we only have one common goal. Present in the meeting are Karla B, Karla S, Rowell and Michelle, Angeline, Daniel, Olay and Me. Each of us have different suggestions on were would be our first outreach program. We decided that we should be diverse on how to reach out to the needy. Haribon, Hands on Manila, Habitat for Humanity, Tahanang walang Hagdanan, Golden Acres etc are some of the suggestions of the volunteers. Until Michelle¬†suggested to go to Little Sisters of the Poor since her sister is also volunteering on this foundation. Our group started without a name, at first we were carrying PEX Volunteer group since all of us get acquainted through PEX. Since we don’t want our group to be associated with PEx, we just want to be known as an independent group doing volunteer activies, thus Pinoy Volunteer Group ¬†came up. All of us cannot remember who suggested that name, maybe because we are all Pinoys, we do volunteering and we form a group, it’s as simple as that.


It is always exciting doing first. Although this is not my first time to blog but it is my first time to join this site. I decided to share my thoughts in here for personal satisfaction. I don’t really care if someone read my posts or not,,, what’s more important to me ¬†is I was able to express myself on this blog. There is no particular topic that I want to discuss in here. ¬†I just want to share anything that I am interested of mainly about Travel, Volunteering, Tennis, Music, Chocolates, color Pink and anything else in between. Let the journey begin!