Pinoy Volunteer Group

November 2010 is the birth of Pinoy Volunteer Group (PVG). All unknown individuals decided to create a volunteer group. Ours was conceptualize inside Pinoy Exchange Forum and decided to meet up for the first time to have our own outreach program. We are not affiliated with any non-government agencies and we are all strangers tobeach other when we started to form this group. Karla B initiated to create a Facebook page so we can invite also non-Pexers. About 20++ forumers show their interest in the group but come meet up time in Megamall, only 8 showed up. But who really cares if we’re only 8. We just decided to push it through and besides we only have one common goal. Present in the meeting are Karla B, Karla S, Rowell and Michelle, Angeline, Daniel, Olay and Me. Each of us have different suggestions on were would be our first outreach program. We decided that we should be diverse on how to reach out to the needy. Haribon, Hands on Manila, Habitat for Humanity, Tahanang walang Hagdanan, Golden Acres etc are some of the suggestions of the volunteers. Until Michelle suggested to go to Little Sisters of the Poor since her sister is also volunteering on this foundation. Our group started without a name, at first we were carrying PEX Volunteer group since all of us get acquainted through PEX. Since we don’t want our group to be associated with PEx, we just want to be known as an independent group doing volunteer activies, thus Pinoy Volunteer Group  came up. All of us cannot remember who suggested that name, maybe because we are all Pinoys, we do volunteering and we form a group, it’s as simple as that.


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