Gift-Giving in Concordia Children’s Services

Since PVG is basically new and we were time constrained to organize another activity in December because we all know that it’s a very busy month and most of us already had commitments ahead of time. Karla B posted an invite on our FB Page for those who are free to join another group who will facilitate a gift-giving program in Concordia Children’s Services. It is an orphanage providing temporary shelter to abandoned kids. Luckily, I am free on December 28, so I join the activity. We were only 4 in our group who join this event. Ria is the coordinator of this activity, her group is doing this since during their college days. We were humbled enough that we accomodate our group to join them. The activity is super fun, kids are so lively and game on joining the contests. We would hear shouts, cheers from each kid. Food and gifts are overflowing on that day and we could really feel the spirit of Christmas.  ~~~12.08.10 / Sta Mesa, Manila



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