Roadtrip to Bataan

I love roadtrips! I can’t remember how many times I drove from Manila to Bataan, either with family, friends or by myself. Going to Bataan I usually take the route of San Fernando exit but going home I usually take SCTEX. I love driving to SCTEX during late afternoon, I don’t know why.

We had a yearly visit to Bataan every January when Tita Rita came for a visit from the US. She usually visit her old classmates and friends and of course our remaining relatives living there. We always stay in Montemar Beach Club. It is the only decent semi-private resort in Bagac, Bataan. Years ago, this is open for members only until they decided to open this to the public.




During our visit to Bataan, before going home and nothing to do, me and my niece decided to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar to pass time. It is a newly tourist attraction in the province of Bataan. It has a 19th century ambiance, staff were dressed up similar during the Spanish Colonial period.  Accommodation to the resort are ancestral houses, some are original and some are replicas. I’ve heard that the heritage houses were transported all the way from Cavite just to preserve the authenticity of the resort.  It is a good place to do educational tour especially for the students. I don’t have any idea how much is the day tour. We we’re able to go there for free. One of our relative who has a water business in Bagac is the supplier for Las Casas.  So when the driver went there to deliver water and collect empty bins, we decided to join the ride so we can see Las Casas and take pictures. Good thing is that the tourist guides and guards don’t call our attention while we’re taking pictures for the fact the we did not pay any entrance fees. Maybe  because the driver told the guard that we are relatives of his boss. We stay there for 30 minutes only, enough to take picture on the attraction. There are still work in progress on the resort, since it is basically new. With just 2 to 3 hour drive from Manila, this can be a good choice for a quick weekend getaway! ~~~ 01.09.11 / Bagac, Bataan






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