It’s time to feed the kids!

This is our second activity with Real Life Foundation, This time we will be hosting the feeding program on their Pasig Site.  Compare to Malate, the place is 25% smaller so it is quite manageable, the difference is that they have a separate area for eating and another area for playing.  And we’re thankful again to those who participate, new faces join us and we welcome them. Since we have experienced sponsoring this activity, we already knew what to do and to expect.  After the orientation, first batch of kids came in. We played, did story telling and of course feed them and so goes with the second batch. After the activity, Lyn Nawata of Real Life introduce us to one of their scholar and shared to us her experience with Real Life. She is so thankful that she was being send to school and her parents were given a job by Real Life. It was a very touching moment for all of us since we’re lucky enough that we don’t have to experience her struggles in life.

Below are some of the shots taken on this activity in Pasig site

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We wouldn’t mind hosting another feeding program be it in Malate or Pasig Site. Looking forward to play with these kids again on our next activity with Real Life! ♥  ~~~ 05.07.12 / Victory Christian Fellowship, Pasig City


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