Building houses with Habitat for Humanity

This would be our 5th  activity our group would be joining another volunteer ptogram. This time we decided to join a build with Habitat for Humanity in Calauan, Laguna.

We meet up at 7-eleven in Pasay near the bus station at around 4:ooam. There are only 10 participants who joined this outreach.  After we reached the place, we need to take a tricycle to be able to go to the site.  We are the only group who will be doing the build. We were met by the coordinator, gave us orientation and instruction on what to do. Since it’s raining a little bit during that day, they asked us if we want to buy disposable raincoats.  All of us did because we will be outside the whole day as construction workers. So we let’s get our muscles on and the game begin! The first activity that we did was carrying and laying blocks. We have to carry each hollow block and put in on top of another block inside a long iron steel to make a wall. If only we’re playing lego,  it’s east and no sweat but, but this time, it’s no joke coz we’re building real houses. It looks easy at first but until we move on it’s getting hard because we have to make walls which is 4 feet tall for 5 houses.  After we finished building the wall, it’s time to put cement on holes to support  each block.  And of course before we can put cement, we have to do the mixing as well,, whew! All of us try a hand on the mixing, just to have the feel of the real construction worker. And seriously it’s so hard, using a shovel to mix cement with water, it became sticky and heavier. Need to have real strong arms to do it.




After our lunch, another task was given to us. It’s brick making this time! We we’re given instruction on how to do it and we have to create more than a hundred of bricks. We really enjoy doing this thing, not as tiring as the previous one. We kept on laughing every time a  bricked collapsed but very proud of ourselves if we’re able to make on! As we go along, we were able to master and finished them just in time.





This maybe the best tiring activity we had so far, but I personally say that all of us went home wearing a smile on our faces!  ~~~03.05.11 / Calauan, Laguna


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