El Dia E

El Dia E celebrated the feast of those who speak Spanish. And this event is yearly celebrated in Instituto Cervantes De Manila on the date of birth of our national hero, Jose Rizal.  Since I took my basic Spanish course in Instituto, me and my classmates decided to attend this event held in their campus in Malate.  Me and Louie wanted to join the recital for mainly because they are giving away free t-shirts for those who will participate. They needed 100 people to recite, too bad we came in late at the venue so we were not able to register since it’s on a first come first served basis.  There are some freebies also like magnets with Spanish script of course. There are programs and games for entertainment. There are also booth selling different stuff life books, souvenir items and food, all in Spanish. There’s also a free henna tattoo booth for those who want a temporary tattoo, of course, the design should be in Spanish script. This event is very educational especially for those who are very much interested in Spanish Culture.  ~~~06.18.11 / Instituto Cervantes De Manila, Malate


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