Haribon Tree Planting

PVG decided to join again another tree planting activity with Haribon Foundation in Cavinti, Laguna. This would be the second time that our group would be joining but it would be my first time to join this activity.

Rowell and Angeline organized this activity. We decided to rent 2 vans, one meet-up in the north headed by Rowell and the other in the south headed by Angz. I belong to Rowell’s group since I came from the North.  Our meet up time is around 4:30-5:00am, since we need to arrive at the site by 7am for the orientation before the actual tree planting activity. I think it’s in the system with the Filipino for being late. Since we’re still waiting for latecomers to arrive, our van left Cubao area at almost 5:30am to meet up the second group at SLEX for the convoy. We lost our way to the site but manage to  finally found it.  Our vans  wont be able to go to the exact location so we need to walk on muddy roads to reach the planting site itself. It takes about 1-2kms of walking before we finally arrived. Obviously we are already late since Thaddy from Haribon is already conducting the orientation. Groups from different organization join this activity. Thaddy acknowledge our presence inspite of us being late. We started tree planting almost 9am already but we managed to finished around 11am. Whew that was too fast!!! More than a hundred people join this outreach.







After the tree planting activity, we decided to had a side trip in Daranak Falls. It’s my first time to visit. I am not really an avid fan of falls but I really prefer lake. Daranak Falls is located in Tanay, Rizal and is part of the Laguna watershed. As we entered the park, we would notice arrangement of stones scattered all over since this place is also popular for rock balancing. It’s also an attraction that awe tourist because it takes discipline and skill to balance a stone on top of each other. Surprisingly, even if it’s rainy season, there are many people having picnic at Daranak, it must be a popular place for a weekend visit especially for those living in the east.  We spend about 2 hours there to go for a swim before we headed back home.  ~~~07.30.11 / Cavinti, Laguna




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