Septic Tank

I am not a big fan of Indie Film but I am a huge fan of Eugene Domingo.  I’ve seen most of her commercial films but this is the second time I’ve seen her act on an Indie Film and I was referring to the movie “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank”.  Her first indie film I’ve seen is 100 days. Both indie films were pegged by Direk Chris Martinez  but the former is in collaboration with Marlon Rivera and both won best picture for Cinemalaya.

I wanted to watch this film and most of my friend who saw this movie will commonly say that this is a must-see movie even if you’re not a fan of an Indie Film. And because I am a fan of Eugene, I really need (take note: Need!) to see this film. So I went to Eastwood, meet my ex-office mate named MC aka Jozef Galvez.  If you’re just wondering, MC stands for Mariah Carey since he impersonate Mariah on his gig and yes,, he’s a gay! So we’re off inside the movie house for the 5:40pm time slot.

Sequence 1. Wide shot. Exterior. Day. blah blah. This is the first scene of the movie, no frills, no sound effects, just pure talks (wow very Brocka!) This movie is about 3 aspiring film makers who believe that that they have a winning script to make it big internationally. Their plot is about poverty in the life of an ordinary woman raising 7 kids in the dumpsite of Payatas named Mila, played by Eugene Domingo.  Oh boy she is unbelieavable superb in this movie no wonder she was able to get the best actress award for Cinemalaya. One of the favorite scenes in this movie is when she is sharing to the 3 films makers that there are 3 types of acting. First is the elevator acting. Second is the TV Patrol acting. And third is As Is Where Is acting.  She did it all with ease! I really can’t stop myself laughing when she interpret these acts. She is so super talented be it in comedy or in drama not to mention she’s intelligent too!  But the highlight of this movie is when Eugene unconsciously fell inside the septic tank which is full of shits and still she continues to act inside the tank! super funny scene! 🙂  Another job well done for Eugene!

If I have 10 thumbs in my hand, I would say this movie is 10 thumbs up!  ~~~08.13.11 / Eastwood Cinema, Quezon City


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