Outreach program with Aeta Community

Travolunteer group was also created/started from PEX. When we found out that they are doing an outreach in Tarlac, our own group (PVG) decided to join them and were even invited to be members of Travolunteer group as well.

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Surf up Baler

This trip is just a spur of a moment. I wanted to travel on 11-11-11 but since I don’t have any available leave credits at work, I can only do out-of-town trip close to Manila during my days off. Me and my colleague decided to head to Baler, Aurora for an overnight trip doing sightseeing and of course,, surfing!

———- u-n-d-e-r-c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n ————-


Story Telling and Book Drive with U! Happy Events

I’m getting invite to join the activity with U! Happy Events, finally my schedule is free and was able to join their book reading activity at Victory Christian Fellowship also in cooperation with Real Life Foundation. This is a big group since it’s joined by different organization. Me and my office mate Rose decided volunteer with U!. Everyone is encouraged to come with costume of any character but since we came all the way from work, we just decided to bring a hat which we can use during the event. We arrived at VCF before 9am for registration. We we’re given number to be paired with sponsor kids and will act as ate and kuya to them. My sponsor kid is Azzel, she’s an 11 yr old girl from Pasig. We walk the kids on the other room for feeding program. After feeding them, they were ask to pick a book on the mini library that they want. Of course, everyone’s is very eager to get one but the Ates and Kuyas was able to manage the kids and make it a point that each kid will bring home 1 book to read. We transfer next to the different room for the actual program itself. It was led by Harvard Uy, head of U! There were song and dance presentation, story telling, games, puppet show and magic show. At some point, the kids became uncontrollable and we really can’t blame them because they are really having fun. It was a 3-hour of fun and laughter with the kids a and adults alike ending the program with free shots at photo booth. ~~~11.05.12 / Pasig City