Here comes the Flood again!

Another calamity hits Manila after typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Weird thing about this, since it’s not a typhoon, it doesn’t have a name. I wonder how we end up calling it?

Since last month, our country was hit by storms. It’s a normal thing here in our country especially during this time of the year. But for the past few days, rain keeps pouring in non-stop within the Metro and nearby provinces. Weather reports says rain is not cause by any storm but due to low pressure area.  Most Filipinos were caught by surprise on the tremendous flood it brought within the Metro. There are certain point that according to the news almost 80% of Metro Manila were flooded.  As of this writing, floods have not subsided yet on some areas, rain keeps pouring in, there’s scarcity of supply of food, classes are still suspended and so on and so forth… it seems that Luzon is paralyzed again! Sadly, this is not the first time that we experience flood and yet it seems that Filipinos are not yet prepared on this kind of calamity. For each Filipinos, I guess the only contribution we can make in the society is take care of our Mother Nature for a better community. ~~~08.06.12 – ?? / Metro Manila


p.s. it’s still raining hard, i can hear it from my room… but I know…in the end…. that there’s sunshine after the rain!



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