Here comes the Flood again!

Another calamity hits Manila after typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Weird thing about this, since it’s not a typhoon, it doesn’t have a name. I wonder how we end up calling it?

Since last month, our country was hit by storms. It’s a normal thing here in our country especially during this time of the year. But for the past few days, rain keeps pouring in non-stop within the Metro and nearby provinces. Weather reports says rain is not cause by any storm but due to low pressure area.  Most Filipinos were caught by surprise on the tremendous flood it brought within the Metro. There are certain point that according to the news almost 80% of Metro Manila were flooded.  As of this writing, floods have not subsided yet on some areas, rain keeps pouring in, there’s scarcity of supply of food, classes are still suspended and so on and so forth… it seems that Luzon is paralyzed again! Sadly, this is not the first time that we experience flood and yet it seems that Filipinos are not yet prepared on this kind of calamity. For each Filipinos, I guess the only contribution we can make in the society is take care of our Mother Nature for a better community. ~~~08.06.12 – ?? / Metro Manila


p.s. it’s still raining hard, i can hear it from my room… but I know…in the end…. that there’s sunshine after the rain!



Story Telling and Book Drive with U! Happy Events

I’m getting invite to join the activity with U! Happy Events, finally my schedule is free and was able to join their book reading activity at Victory Christian Fellowship also in cooperation with Real Life Foundation. This is a big group since it’s joined by different organization. Me and my office mate Rose decided volunteer with U!. Everyone is encouraged to come with costume of any character but since we came all the way from work, we just decided to bring a hat which we can use during the event. We arrived at VCF before 9am for registration. We we’re given number to be paired with sponsor kids and will act as ate and kuya to them. My sponsor kid is Azzel, she’s an 11 yr old girl from Pasig. We walk the kids on the other room for feeding program. After feeding them, they were ask to pick a book on the mini library that they want. Of course, everyone’s is very eager to get one but the Ates and Kuyas was able to manage the kids and make it a point that each kid will bring home 1 book to read. We transfer next to the different room for the actual program itself. It was led by Harvard Uy, head of U! There were song and dance presentation, story telling, games, puppet show and magic show. At some point, the kids became uncontrollable and we really can’t blame them because they are really having fun. It was a 3-hour of fun and laughter with the kids a and adults alike ending the program with free shots at photo booth. ~~~11.05.12 / Pasig City

El Dia E

El Dia E celebrated the feast of those who speak Spanish. And this event is yearly celebrated in Instituto Cervantes De Manila on the date of birth of our national hero, Jose Rizal.  Since I took my basic Spanish course in Instituto, me and my classmates decided to attend this event held in their campus in Malate.  Me and Louie wanted to join the recital for mainly because they are giving away free t-shirts for those who will participate. They needed 100 people to recite, too bad we came in late at the venue so we were not able to register since it’s on a first come first served basis.  There are some freebies also like magnets with Spanish script of course. There are programs and games for entertainment. There are also booth selling different stuff life books, souvenir items and food, all in Spanish. There’s also a free henna tattoo booth for those who want a temporary tattoo, of course, the design should be in Spanish script. This event is very educational especially for those who are very much interested in Spanish Culture.  ~~~06.18.11 / Instituto Cervantes De Manila, Malate

Global Emergency Fund through World Vision

The recent tsunami that hits Japan last March 11, 2011 really made a big impact worldwide. Even my job is affected meaning, both flights to and from Japan were cancelled and it’s hard to re-accommodate passenger especially for foreigners who were stuck in Japan and wants to leave the country the soonest. But it’s not that all, the biggest problems are being shown on television, death toll rises, big devastation affecting people living in Japan

I used to be a donor for World Vision, one of their donor specialist contacted me and ask if I want to volunteer on the fundraising for the Global Emergency Fund held in SM North Edsa on March 29-31, 2011. This is for the benefit of tsunami victims in Japan. I decided to join the volunteer activity on the first day to man the booth and give leaflets  to the mall goers and ask for donation. It’s my first time to do it in the mall and it was a fun experience together with other volunteers from different organization. ~~~ 03.29.11 / SM North Edsa, Quezon City


It is always exciting doing first. Although this is not my first time to blog but it is my first time to join this site. I decided to share my thoughts in here for personal satisfaction. I don’t really care if someone read my posts or not,,, what’s more important to me  is I was able to express myself on this blog. There is no particular topic that I want to discuss in here.  I just want to share anything that I am interested of mainly about Travel, Volunteering, Tennis, Music, Chocolates, color Pink and anything else in between. Let the journey begin!