Travel Tour Expo

This is not my first time attending a Travel Tour Expo. Being in a local travel industry for a long time, I’ve also experienced being one the exhibitors doing the ingress and egress during the exhibit. This year’s theme is  “Biyahe Sale ng Bayan”. From it’s title alone, we were hoping that this is the biggest once in a lifetime offer which is the great opportunity to book and buy package tours.

I went yesterday to the 22nd Philippine Travelmart Expo at SMX Convention Center. Me and Glen were hoping that there would be a Seair promo to Batanes which is our main purpose of going there. Glen came ahead of me and he went around already to see if there are promos available, but dang, there’s none!. I came after lunch at around 2pm and Glen is waiting at Go nuts Donuts. When I saw him, I immediately asked about promo to Batanes. He sadly said none. We’re both upset but nevertheless we still went inside out of curiosity if there were cheap steals we can grabbed off. Most of the exhibitors are local hotels. The area is divided among region so it will be easy for travel enthusiasts to roam around. I spotted the booth of El Nido Resort, the company I used to worked with. But I don’t know the people manning their booth. I also spotted Apple and Sheila, my co-workers from my previous company, the former being at Friday’s Resort now manning the booth for Misibis Bay and the latter at El Nido Resort now manning the booth for Bellaroca. Nothing much to offer for this year’s expo just similar to the promos being offered online. We picked up some brochures for our future trips and then watched the Collegiate Dance Competition represented by each region. We did not finished the program, left the place with just pamphlets on hand, what a loser! hahaha. Well, we still decided to push through with our Batanes trip next year no matter what! 🙂  ~~~09.02.11 / SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City



It is always exciting doing first. Although this is not my first time to blog but it is my first time to join this site. I decided to share my thoughts in here for personal satisfaction. I don’t really care if someone read my posts or not,,, what’s more important to me  is I was able to express myself on this blog. There is no particular topic that I want to discuss in here.  I just want to share anything that I am interested of mainly about Travel, Volunteering, Tennis, Music, Chocolates, color Pink and anything else in between. Let the journey begin!