The Fantastic Four


Rafael Nadal,  Pete Sampras,  Andre Agassi,  Roger Federer


I’m a big fan of tennis, no doubt about it. I may not be able to watch the game on television due to time difference between Manila and other countries but still, I make it a point to be updated on news especially on the four Grand Slam each year.

One of my dream is to watch the 4 Grand Slam, 25% of that dream was already fulfilled when I watched Australian Open before in Melbourne. But I guess the remaining 75% will still remain as a dream.  For the meantime, I just enjoy myself watching tennis matches being shown on television. ~~~07.25.12 / Random


Surf up Baler

This trip is just a spur of a moment. I wanted to travel on 11-11-11 but since I don’t have any available leave credits at work, I can only do out-of-town trip close to Manila during my days off. Me and my colleague decided to head to Baler, Aurora for an overnight trip doing sightseeing and of course,, surfing!

———- u-n-d-e-r-c-o-n-s-t-r-u-c-t-i-o-n ————-